If you publish on your own domain the steps you need to take are the same as publishing on a sub domain.  However it is not possible to add a CNAME to a root domain. Therefore the final steps are a little bit different

First go to the projects screen first and find your page there. Click on "Actions" and then on "Publish"

If your campaign is not yet published, publish it first by clicking on the "Publish project" button.

After you have published your page you will see a field where you can insert your own custom domain name or sub domain name.

First you insert the root domain with www

You will now see the following screen.

You will now see the right values you need to insert in your hosting provider. 

The root domain will always need an A-record pointed to

The www

When all your settings are correct, this means that when the current value is matching the required value. You will be able to request SSL for your pages. You can do this manually by going to your publish page and hit the "Request SSL" button there. Like shown below:

Note: We have NO support for SSL on non-subdomains.

Please note: we get a lot of people requesting support for DNS in 95% of these cases the problem is within the DNS settings. We can't change these settings for you. Please make sure that the "current value" is the same as the "required value" if this is not the case then your settings are probably wrong. To double check this, please visit dnsmap.io
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