Integrately is a cheaper alternative to Zapier. You can easily connect AdPage with more than 600+ other integrations. You can create a free account here:

Video tutorial:

Written Tutorial

After creating your account with Integrately you can easily search for the AdPage app:

AdPage App Integrately

Click on the AdPage icon and than search for the app you want to connect with. in this tutorial we will use ActiveCampaign as an example:


We will choose the one click automation when a new contact is added to AdPage it wil create a contact in ActiveCampaign. Off course you can play with other one click automations as well.

Contact toevoegen ActiveCampaign

Click on the button ''Add connection''

Add connection

Now you can enter your AdPage credentials. Don't worry your login details are encrypted.

Add connection

The account is successfully connected. You can also decide to enter a label so it's easier to find it back afterwards.

Label toevoegen

Now you can click on ''Continue''. You can select a project. Make sure that you've already filled in the AdPage form in the project so Integrately can find a record. Choose the project you want to connect with:

Data ophalen project

Now enter the details of the integration you want AdPage to connect with. In this case we use the details of ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign Integratie

It's supereasy to map the fields of AdPage to ActiveCampaign. You can simply click on it and map it:

Veld ActiveCampaign

In this case we want to map the form field ''Name'' to the first name in ActiveCampaign:

Klik op name

If you are satisfied with mapping you can click on the button: ''Test & Activate''

It should work now

Voltooid koppeling met Integrately
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